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Since the dawn of time, man has continuously been striving to make his life better to survive in this world and in the process invented some ways that changed his life but also had some harmful effects to the environment. Flue gas heat recovery system was a necessary step towards a healthy environment because it can remove the heat and carbon dioxide from the environment and as a result trees that are the lungs of the earth will grow and dream of a green world can come true.

What is flue gas?

The gas that comes out of the chimneys or pipes from an industry or power plants and gets mixed into the environmental air is known as flue gas. This gas has harmful effects to the environment if not properly treated or taken care of, thanks to Flue gas heat recovery system, all of that is possible today and can be availed at any time by anyone.

How to stop flue gas from going into the environment?

Flue gas heat recovery system brings the solution of heat free and pollutant free gas and these systems can also convert the flue gas into re-usable heat which can be used to produce energy. Heat recovery systems can also be used in the same industry to warm the water and it also finds its use in the condensing boilers.

How does a heat recovery unit work?

Heat recovery system works by making use of heat recovery units which work by extracting heat from flue gas. Plate heat exchangers, Plate to plate heat exchanger, and heat recovery ventilation units are the different parts of a heat recovery system. Using these parts, this system works by cooling the waste heat that is extracted from the flue gas and waste water heat recovery can also be done. A flue heat exchanger can also convert the heat into hot water which has other uses later in the process.

What are the advantages of a heat recovery system?

Flue heat exchanger units have a wide range of benefits and applications today. First of all, as the heat exchangers in industry cool down the flue gas which contains the pollutants. Upon cooling, these pollutants can also be removed from the gas and it becomes safe and cannot do any harm to the environment.

In addition to that, industries and factories can also make use of the energy that is produced by heat recovery systems and also the hot water extracted from the process can be supplied to homes and offices for daily use purposes.

How to avail heat exchangers in the UK?

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