Top Three Purposes of Polygraph Testing


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The world is full of trickery and deception is one of the most dangerous characteristics in the history of mankind. The art of hurting other people through dishonesty, fraud and deception have been used by many people in different industries in an effort to become more powerful than others. In other words, there’s always an element to gain something.

Basically, deception has become a source of too much hatred among people. No wonder people are looking for ways to eliminate dishonesty through lie detector test uk or other solution to the problem. The influx of technological advancement became a driving force to invent polygraph machines so that those who were suspected of deception will be properly investigated.

Top Three Reasons to Have Polygraph Testing

If we delve into the serious purpose of using polygraph testing, we will learn that it is primarily for national security. It is utilized to ensure that someone is not a serious threat to national peace and order. Simply put, it is to eliminate security risk that may cause tremendous problems in the society nowadays.

In relation to that, the investigation process of criminal and civil cases also requires polygraph testing of those people involved in it to know the truth. The results of the test will be used to bolster evidence or to determine the reliability of a witness. However, it should be noted that no one can be forced to take the test based on applicable laws.

Aside from that, polygraph testing is also for the development of companies in terms of handling employees who are vital to its success. The representatives of these companies that use polygraph testing know that people lie all the time. In that case, there should be measures in order to detect the actions of those who deceive people. The usual factors include respiration, skin conductivity, blood pressure and more.

In most cases, lie detector test is also for pre-employment screening. If a job in the government is highly sensitive, then there’s a need to undergo polygraph testing during the application process. The purpose is to ensure that the person is honest, loyal and trustworthy.

Lastly, it is also used to aid commercial theft investigations. Obviously, it is used to measure the honesty and truthfulness of the employee involved in the case. For example, it will be utilized if there is fraud involving employees and it is necessary to gauge loyalty.

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